The Syrian army is regaining new lands in Idlib

Important progress made by the Syrian army in the last significant stronghold of the rebels in the Idlib district in the north of the country

After Bashar al-Assad’s regime has reported strategic conquests in several locations in the south of the country in recent months, it is now reporting important conquests in the northern district of Idlib, considered the last strongholds of the rebels in Syria.

Idlib simple map

According to Iranians reports, the army took the lead in the battles against the organization “Ahrar al-Sham” (an umbrella organization of several Salafist rebel organizations led by “Al-Nusra” front) and managed to capture several small villages in the Syrian city of Sinjar.

According to these reports, there is an awakening of local residents in many villages in the Idlib district who are publicly calling for the expulsion of rebel forces from their territory.

Watch a report of Al-Jazeera in English on the Syrian Forces Progress in Idlib:


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