Sudan: Reports of a UFO observed in the sky near the capital

The Sudanese army confirmed that an unidentified object was hovering over the military area of Wadi Seidna near the capital Khartoum: “suspected to be a satellite.”

Eyewitnesses reported that at around 3:15 am on Tuesday morning, a UFO could be observed hovering for a few minutes over Sudan’s military airfield at Wadi Seidna, about 20 kilometers from the capital Khartoum.

A few hours later, the Sudanese army issued a statement confirming the reports, claiming that the initial suspicion of the object to be a satellite “we received reports of an unidentified object hovering at low altitude at the military area of Wadi Seidna. A state of alert was declared and aerial surveillance was carried out after the object that could not be identified.”

Experts estimate that the UFO may be parts of the US satellite “Zuma”, which was launched on Sunday from Florida, USA, but for an unknown reason did not reach the target and is believed to have disintegrated or crashed at sea.

In addition to the eyewitnesses, the Dutch pilot Peter Horstnik, who was flying at the same time in Khartoum area, managed to document the object in a photograph from his aircraft:


NASA and XSpace, which is responsible for the satellite launcher, have yet to address the case.

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