Egyptian actress: “The mu’addhin – like the shrieks of a Hyena”

Egyptian actress Shereen Reda protests the calls of the mu’addhin and other customs in Muslim culture: “The children wake up with anxiety”.


It is not every day that we are exposed to cultural figures in the Arab world who dare to raise a voice against social conventions. Shereen Reda is a Muslim model and actress from Egypt who decided this week to criticize the mu’addhin calls for prayer in the mosque.

During a television show in Egypt, Shereen said that “children wake up in their sleep in anxiety, when they hear the cries of the mu’addhin – is this the way? Do you have to frighten the people to pray?” She then turns directly to mu’addhin and asks: “Don’t you respect the people who live in the buildings around you? why do you turn up the volume so much? It has nothing to do with religion! “


 The mosque of "Ibn-Tulun", Cairo

Sounds like a Hyena? The mosque of “Ibn-Tulun”, Cairo

Later on, while discussing the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice, Shereen refers to the practice of slaughtering the sheep in the streets, linking this practice to the rising violence in the Arab world: “what kind of customs are they? After that we are surprised that our children love violence, it’s not good for a child to see blood and slaughter – the boy plays for a few days with the lamb his father brought… and in the end, they slaughter him, it harmful for the child’s brain.”

Shereen’s remarks aroused great resentment in Egypt, but at the same time, there were quite a few announcements on the social networks supporting her position.

Watch Shereen Reda talking about the subject in an Egyptian TV show:

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