The US established an air base for Kurds in northern Syria

Lebanese sources report that the Americans secretly built an airbase to protect the Kurds from attacks by Turkish planes.

According to reports in the Lebanese newspaper Al-Diyar, the base was built to help the Kurds consolidate their hold on Kurdish territory in the northeast of Syria and protect them from Turkish aircraft attacks.

According to those sources, the base itself can contain about 100 fighter jets at the same time, and it will be equipped with anti-aircraft weapons. The Beirut daily also reported that the Americans had already transferred 300 tanks, 600 military vehicles and a considerable number of personal weapons to Kurdish forces in Syria.

The situation of the forces in northern Syria

The situation of forces in northern Syria


It should be noted that the plan to arm the Kurdish forces in northern Syria began during the period of former US President Barack Obama, who in his time also authorized assistance in training the Kurdish forces and arming with light weapons.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Al-Arabiya network reported that Turkish troops opened this morning with a military operation in the village of Afrin, which is under Kurdish control in northern Syria.

According to the Turks, the YPG fighters exploit the proximity to the Turkish border in order to randomly fire missiles at villages in Turkish territory.

Watch Erdugan Threatens Kurdish Fighters in Afrin:


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