Isis captured several streets in a town near Damascus

Armed militants of the “Islamic State” were able to occupy the area after a few-day battle with rival Islamic organizations.

After the loss of almost all their territories in Syria and Iraq over the past year, it appears that Isis is trying to stabilize itself in rehabilitated Syria. Last week we reported the occupation of a number of villages in northern Syria by the armed men of ISIS – and today Lebanese sources report another progress for the islamic militants not far from the capital Damascus.


Hajar al-aswad, Syria

Hajar al-aswad, Syria

According to the report, members of ISIS have attacked several positions of the rival Jihadist organization, “Jaysh Al-Islam” (“the army of Islam”), on Al-Zain Street in the town of Hajar al-Aswad, located only 4 kilometers from the Syrian capital.

During the fighting, the ISIS fighters managed to take control of a high building with a strategic location, which gave them absolute dominance in the area, forcing the forces of ” Jaysh Al-Islam ” to move eastward towards the town of Yalda, south of Damascus.

Watch “The army of Islam” Military Parade:

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